WallArt bring your walls to life!
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MyWallArt 3D Wall Paper give an extra dimension to your walls!

We hereby welcome you to our website for 3d wall paper. We have over 20 different 3d wallcoverings models, in the best quality. The wide range of 3d wall-paper makes sure there's one for everybody!

WallArt is the leading manufacturer of 3d wall-paper, a revolutionary decorative product which makes every wall come to live and guarantees a high-end finish on your walls. WallArt embossed wall panels are made from a natural commodity called bagasse, which is the fibrous residue of sugarcane stalks that remains after the raw sugar is extracted from the juice by shredding the stalks.

There are no less than twenty stunning 3d wallpaper designs in the WallArt collection. It's a selection of different styles to appeal to a multitude of tastes.

If you're feeling a little tired of run of the mill paints and wallpapers, you will be pleased to know that decorative wall panel manufacturer, WallArt, has introduced twenty 3d wall covering designs!

Check the website for all the designs!
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